Easy Treks in Nepal

For fledgling trekkers, the idea of the Himalayas can once in a while appear to be a touch of overwhelming. Snow topped pinnacles and men with snow crusted whiskers are regular pictures that come into view when we think about the tough mountain locale. In any case, while huge numbers of the universes tallest mountains and hardest mountain dwellers live […]

Trekking US Hiking

Climbing Nepal is one of the main travel organization situated in the Himalayan Kingdom. We give our ability in the field of outrageous experience, for example, trekking, ascending, undertakings, mountain biking and a lot more just as the most refined and useful social visits. We are bound to give world class administration in the most serious cost. We offer our […]

Types of Trekking

Hotel Tea House Trek Otherwise called cabin trekking is a moderately modest method for trekking in where suppers and settlement are given in a teahouse. In Nepal, it is very well known to trekking along the numerous path, halting every night to eat and rest at a neighborhood Tea House. Dinners rely upon the menu at the tea house, for […]

Himalayan Trekking in Nepal

Himalayan Nepal Trek P. Ltd enlisted: 135236/071/072 under Nepal Government additionally connected with Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP), and Nepal Tourism Board (NTB). The organization is approved to compose trekking in Nepal incorporating top moving in Nepal and endeavor in Nepal in addition to Home stay trek, Volunteering administration In […]

10 days Trek Nepal

Nepal is a nation with a few of the world’s most elevated mountains including the Mt. Everest. Obviously, sightseers and experience searchers from all around the globe visit Nepal, especially for trekking. The nation’s differing trekking trails offer courses that are appropriate for each age gathering. From a day’s trek to 10 days treks in Nepal, there are many treks […]

Treks From Pokhara

Subsequent to landing in Pokhara the magnificent mountains will consequently pull you ever more elevated to feel the slim air. It doesn’t imply that you need to trek the quantity of days to see the mountains yet you can’t stop to be near them. You more likely than not been considering trek in Nepal however which and where to trek. […]

Best Trekking Guide in Nepal

We are group of Professional Trekking Guide in Nepal. We have been effectively driving trek controlling to no. Of Adventure Travel Guests in the Himalaya for a considerable length of time in Himalaya. Ourselves cordial, adaptable and minding to Adventure Travel Guests from Abroad. We are conversant in English, Chinese and in Korean Language too in Native Himalayan Language. We […]

Everest Base Camp Treks

On Everest Base Camp Trek-16 days we experience amazing mountain sees, get looks at the life of the world well known hikers (the Sherpas), enter Sagarmatha National Park, a world legacy site and visit high elevation Buddhist cloisters. Trekking to the Everest Base Camp of Nepal likewise gives us a chance to set out on an epic excursion that Sir […]

Places to Visit in Nepal

Nepal is the most delightful nation that has numerous beautiful scenes with extensiveness of both normal and social legacy. There are a great deal of lovely places to visit in Nepal. Nepal, the official name of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a landlocked nation in South Asia. Nepal is directly between two nations circumscribing China in the north […]

Tour in Nepal

Visit in Nepal gives you bits of knowledge into the travel industry exercises where you appreciate different natures, societies, religions and individuals of Nepal. Visits in Nepal offers visits to crude city territories, in spite of the flood of innovation structures, despite everything follow customs that go back hundreds if not a thousand years for visits. Visit in Nepal investigate […]